False Promises is a locked room suspense/murder that will have you guessing right up to the end” -Don Bruns, author of the Quentin Archer series

False Promises is a locked room. suspense that will have you guessing right up to the end” -Lesley Diehl, author of the Eve Apple mysteries

One month before the millennium, a seven-year-old mute helps his stepfather dig up a cracked floor in the local Catholic church. He grabs up a handful of the exposed dirt, speaks his first word ever, and within weeks Lost River Florida is flooded with strangers who want to touch the healing earth and toss away their crutches. But one less-spiritual visitor, a journalist determined to jump-start his stalled career, insists the magic dirt is a hoax. Within days of his arrival, his smart mouth and non-stop boozing have alienated everyone in town and prompted a death threat or two. Keegan Shaw, in nearby Seminole Beach, receives a call from an old friend asking her to rescue the brash journalist - who Keegan knew from her days as a photojournalist in London - from Lost River's irate locals and from himself. Then somebody turns up dead on a pile of the magic earth, and there are almost too many suspects. And one question remains: How can a dead body end up in an empty, locked church that's been surrounded by people all night long, and with an active burglar alarm?