One woman’s search for her past threatens those who were left behind. Robson’s effective use of twists and turns is nicely paced and introduces an engaging protagonist with plenty of her own skeletons in the closet to explore. More Keegan, please.” -Library Journal, May ‘13

Floridian freelance photojournalist Keegan takes on a sleuthing assignment and finds her subject more complicated than expected. Abby’s daughter, Sunni, has asked Keegan to follow Abby to London. Secretive about her past, Abby has been acting suspiciously and Sunni thinks London might be where her birth father lives. Believing she’s on a paternity hunt, Keegan soon learns that Abby was party to an unsolved murder that claimed her roommate’s life back in 1966. Abby might be seeking closure for a terrible chapter in her life, but now someone else wants to eliminate her entirely. Keegan is caught up in a swirling scene of jealousy, long-simmering hatred, and folks on the run.